Schwan Cosmetics Produktionstechnik Karriere


As a dynamic, developing technology- and innovation-driven company, we are always on the lookout for new employees who can strengthen our team with their individual personality, their capabilities and competence in the best possible way.

This things that count for us are a high degree of commitment and motivation, enjoyment of work and persistence when it comes to mastering complex challenges. Enjoyment of work for us also mainly means: Enjoyment of developing new solutions and developing existing solutions further. Of course, this is mainly in the technical sphere due to us being a machine and system builder.

Our particular attractiveness for applicants for permanent positions, but also for trainees, interns or working students, is the special positioning of our company that is medium sized in our very own task area and operating environment but on the other hand, benefits from the economic, operational and technological strengths of the parent company Schwan Cosmetics

In addition to this, we place great importance on further training for our employees, as development always also means individual development for us. We therefore offer you a targeted, wide range of training or further training options, mentors and coaching programmes.

When you perform well, you also need the right amount of time to regenerate regularly and sufficiently. This often works best in a working, familiar environment. Our company also provides the best prerequisites for this: We therefore organise numerous cultural, health and sporting events over the course of the year with our employees and their families.

Do you have children? – You’ll feel at home with us! We offer a kindergarten and care for your children during the school holidays!

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