Schwan Cosmetics Produktionstechnik Branchen

Industries and areas of application

Industry specifics are one thing. But in the production technology sector, it’s more about the specific requirements posed on a system or machine, including their entire range of contents, thinking conceptionally even in different approaches and finally, implementing them successfully in constant coordination with the customer.

Our special cross-industry competence is especially highlighted in the following aspects of production technology:

Comprehensive, integrated preparation:
We always have an eye on the entire production line with all of its interdependent (technical) links and dependencies.

Ensuring high availability and the corresponding high productivity:
A machine’s service life and robustness play a dominant role for us right from the design phase.

Special requirement on hygiene and purity of the products:
This applies both to systems with high degrees of soiling in their application area and to ensuring a high-grade clean production environment

Our focus has always been aligned with the requirements of global markets. This ensures that we have benefits when compared to the competition, especially when it comes to adhering to special national or international standards.

We form a team of specialists from various engineering disciplines. As such, we closely follow the market, are highly interested in new developments and are always up to date with technology.

Industry overview