Schwan Cosmetics Produktionstechnik Kosmetische Industrie

Cosmetics industry

Through our parent company Schwan Cosmetics, we have a wide range of expertise in the cosmetics industry. This applies especially to the segment of decorative colour cosmetics.

For the special consequences and specifications resulting from processing cosmetic substances, we have a wide range of different solutions variants and parameters to hand. For example, the typical degree of contaminations on systems and machines in this industry segment is comparably high and so that parts must be correspondingly quick and uncomplicated to clean at regular intervals. We can also advise our customers on a wide range of applications regarding material selection and technology. Cosmetic substances also have particular requirements here, especially with regard to processing abrasive pigments.

We have further competences in the cosmetics sector in the various disciplines of process technology, such as heating, cooling and regulation technology. Whether it’s mastering equipping procedures (as part of colour changes), processing substances with different viscosities or precision procedures in which fluids in the microgram range are filled: We use our decades of experience in order to enable our customers’ processing processes to run as precisely, safely, cleanly and efficiently as possible.