Schwan Cosmetics Produktionstechnik Lebensmittelindustrie

Food industry

The food industry has imposed special requirements for producing and manufacturing their products forever.

These high demands are understandable when one considers the end customers: The smallest impurities or contamination in or on the product can have fatal consequences for the end consumer’s health. However, possible process errors are also too costly for operating companies in food production which is extremely reliant on efficiency and system availability.

Similar to the cosmetics industry, the topic of hygiene is of vital importance when processing food. The requirement for maximum cleanliness (or purity) is already in the foreground when selecting the materials: We have these factors under control in all aspects, especially with regard to the REACH conformity checks. We can therefore process, fill, guide or pass on solid and liquid substances with maximum process control.

We also have comprehensive expertise in the food and drink sector, regardless of whether this is regarding listering processes, using poly bags or using marking or labelling systems. We package your food with a high protection and safety factor so that it reaches your end customers in the best possible condition.