Schwan Cosmetics Produktionstechnik Kunststofftechnik


Developing new plastics that are tailor-made for specific applications has established itself as an innovation driver in the industrial setting in recent decades.

This also applies to connections to reinforce specific plastic properties in conjunction with other materials such as metals, ceramics or plant-based substances.

The various plastics and plastic combinations form the material range in which we have comprehensive knowledge and expertise. Accordingly, we can offer a wide range of procedures here, especially in direct processing of plastic components, and combine this with our decades of experience in the production technology sector to provide effective solutions that are thought through to the final detail.

Our spectrum ranges from damage-free processing for bulk goods that are particularly material-sensitive or individual components as part of coating, oiling, sticking or welding plastics. We preferably process extruded or injection-moulded plastics and provide assembly, perfect feeding, sorting and orientation of the components.