Augmented Reality Schwan Produktionstechnik

Advanced services

In the advanced services area, we develop solutions that support workers and technicians significantly in their daily work, i.e. that they can use to work and organise with fewer complications and more efficiency.

By using augmented reality technology such as 3D glasses and “chat windows”, mobile or desktop applications (including in conjunction with remote maintenance), we can also accelerate processes in maintenance or repair situations.

With our “Schwan connect” product that we originally developed for applications in the remote support area, we are able to serve a wide range of other applications these days. For example, this includes training sessions in which we demonstrate a machine’s controller or simulate how to handle specific problems for training purposes for our customers or employees. “Schwan connect” also offers its customers other options with regard to sales, especially if we transfer the potential product from design software into a 3D model: in this “virtual” way, they have the option of looking at their machine solution before it is actually implemented.

We are also following a different approach with our “User interface design” project. Here, we offer solutions in which we simplify highly complex machine controllers by configuring them as intuitively and conveniently as possible so that they no longer have to be operated only by experts.