Picker Schwan Produktionstechnik

Machine assembly

Our customers always receive complete, closed systems from us. We pay attention to ensuring that the production lines that we plan for them are designed on a modular basis already in this design and development phase.

In this way, they are always in a position to extend their system by using additional system components on the connected interfaces to meet any different future requirements or necessities.

This extension can be quantitative, i.e. expanding production capacities. The modular interfaces provide the customer with the option of increasing the number of items and therefore the production capacity at any time by extending the entire line (e.g. by automating processes). Or maybe the system operating company wishes to specify the produced part further by changing the machining process by enabling further machining stations to be included in the line. Filling and assembly processes are part of our particular strengths, especially with regard to volumetric filling of small containers, including when filling explosive substance mixtures.