Retrofit Schwan Produktionstechnik


Significant components have been discontinued and can only be procured with a great deal of effort, possible equivalents are too expensive or time consuming.

Or a machine is no longer up to date with regard to quality, performance or the degree of automation and therefore uncompetitive or of limited competition to other market participants.

The reasons for equipping an individual machine or a complete system with a retrofit are numerous, especially because procuring a new machine or refurbishing the machine often exceeds the existing budget. Retrofit solutions provide an alternative that is becoming increasingly popular here. Whether it’s the machine’s electronics or pneumatics that have to be replaced, the controller having to be updated to the latest PLC components or networking between different system parts having to be set up: We can offer you retrofit concepts for a wide range of required machine updates, which meet your requirements for production. This also applies to adapting older machines to the requirements of newly adjusted regulations, such as in the health and safety area.